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Aluminium sheet 8 mm *1219 *3117 Alloy 1350 Temper H12 Quantity available : 3334 kg Price : 175/- per kg
Aluminum is a non ferrous metal and it's easy to shape, plasticity and suitable for all types of machining. After stamping, bending, surface treating, machining processes and shaping it's performance can be perfect to meet the production of various Aluminum products. Selection of high-purity aluminum base and applying unique production technology makes our material very much consistent in it's quality. We offer the best quality high purity aluminium parabolic reflectors with electrochemically brightened finish which are manufactured under stringent standards with the reflectivity of more than 85% and the efficiency of the lamp lighting can enhance more than three times. It's non corrosive and highly durable for more than 10 years under indoor normal room temperature.This material has been widely used as lamp panel reflectors and in the luminaries industries. Aluminum Mirror Reflectors Application: lighting , reflective and decorative lamps , solar reflective materials, , interior decoration, wall decoration, household appliances, panels, electronic housings, furniture, kitchen, automotive interior and exterior decoration, signs, labels, bags, jewelry boxes and other fields.
8 mm *1219 mm * 3117 mm Alloy 1350 Temper H12 Make : Hindalco Industries Ltd Price : 175/- Quantity: 3334 kg
About Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets Everlast is a brand of Hindalco Industries Ltd., world’s largest Aluminium Rolling Company and the metals flagship of the Aditya Birla Group. Being India’s leading brand of Aluminium Roofing Solutions, Everlast is the preferred choice for industrial and residential applications. Available in a wide range of colours and profiles like circularcorrugated, trapezoidal and tiled, Everlast roofing sheets are aesthetically pleasing and best-in-class quality. Everlast roofing sheets do not rust, have excellent thermal properties which keep interiors cool, have a high resale value and are 100% environment-friendly.
We are leading stockist of Aluminium Rolled Product of M/S Hindalco Industries Ltd. We also deal in secondary companies like Balco, Nalco, Paragon and Virgo. We have very vast experience of this industries since 1972. Please fill free to contact us.
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